September 2020

Covid-19 real estate

Real Estate Scenario in the COVID-19 era

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic hit human life drastically, so all over the world extraordinary measures have been taken to arrest its spread. The social distancing, quarantine, lockdown, travel limitations, and network disturbances all led to suffering living values. More drastically businesses and economic activities came to halt due to a persistent state of inertia. As cities being partially...

Bahria Gated Community

Bahria Gated Community

Gated Communities; For Secure & Luxury Living “My job requires me to tour other cities, and I used to worry about the security of my family. But since shifting in Bahria Town Karachi, now I can travel without that tension. Because it’s a gated community project due to which there is no street crime or robberies within the scheme’s premises.” These are the words of Dr. Talha Farooqi, who...

Heavy rain in karachi

Heavy Rain in Karachi Vs Concrete Drain in BTK

One shouldn’t be surprised this year when the havoc of unprecedented urban flooding still haunts the metropolitan after two weeks of rain in Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) remained unaffected due to effective town planning and modern infrastructure arrangements. Besides, basic services didn’t halt there because the drainage system allowed the residents to commute without any hindrance, and no...

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