Bahria Enclave Plots How Are Governor Houses Open for the Public like

Bahria Enclave Plots. Imran Khan announced in his first speech as the prime minister of Pakistan that he will open the governor’s houses to the public.

This was a plan introduced to safeguard the taxpayer money so that the government could earn & generate more revenue. Much like Bahria Enclave Plots have given authority to the people to come and visit their projects, the people now have access to the governor’s house.

Instead of imposing a large amount of taxes on other things they decided to earn revenue from these luxurious houses.

The Bahria Enclave Plots have every amenity surrounding them, much like the houses which are opened to the public. Bahria Enclave has parks, hotels, & various other attractions, which is the reason it is being praised by many around the country.

In the same way, people can now visit the vast gardens built within the houses, they can also stay at one of the luxurious rooms of the houses.

In this blog, we will look at some of the facilities offered by the government & how they plan to use the governor’s houses & other historical buildings for tourism purposes.

The following is a list of governor houses open to the public:

  • Governor House Punjab
  • Governor House in Nathiagali
  • Government House Murree
  • Governor House Sindh

Bahria Enclave Plots Governor House of Punjab

The governor’s house in Lahore was the official residence of the Governor of Punjab. But now things have changed.

In the “Naya Pakistan Scheme,” the governor is not allowed to stay in the Governor’s house. It is a historical building, Hence it can be used as a tourist attraction. The government house is open to everyone now.

Now you can have a look at the magnificent life the previous leaders were living.

This house is situated at Mall Road in Lahore. The entrance of the governor’s house is at Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Gujarat.

The residence of the Governor’s house is built with luxury and comfort in mind which is why it is much expensive as you can see in the way it is constructed surrounding gardens & lawns.

Nearby the house, there is the Tomb of Mohammad Qasim who was the cousin of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

During the rule of the British, this land was purchase for the residence of the Lieutenant Governor of the province. After the partition of India Pakistan, the place was hand over to the governor of Punjab.

Bahria Enclave Plots Importance of the Governor House of Punjab

This Building is one of the most important buildings in Lahore, Pakistan. Mainly because it was home to some of the most prominent leaders in History like Saudi King Shah Faisal, UAE president Zayed Bin Sultan, President Muammar Gaddafi & even Quaid E Azam to name a few.

For a vast period of 150 years, this building has been the official residence for most of the Governors of the province.

The Governor House also hosted the lunch of 24 heads of states who attended the Islamic Conference in 1974.

The special table which was design to serve them is still preserve within the premises of the House. Like, Bahria Town Enclave Plots were specially designed to serve the community as a special place that will offer luxury, ambiance & lifestyle all at the same time.

The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court & all the political bodies took oath in this very house.

One part of the building was use for the residence of the Governor of Lahore while the rest of the building was being use for other purposes.

In the house, there is a special wing dedicate to providing ambiance and luxury to the head of states.

Separate rooms were built for prime ministers, presidents, etc, & around 10 guest rooms for the staff which would visit along with the political figures.

For cabinet meetings, official functions, and various other ceremonies there is Darbar Hall which is 400 years old.


The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have the opportunity to live like a king for a day. There are four opened rest houses & the Chief Minister House & Governor House is open to the public.

Nathiagali was already very beautiful but this new ambiance adds another start to the location of it.

This eight-room Governor House was construct in 1923. It is construct over a 76-Kanal piece of land which is 7,922 ft above sea level.

Importance of Governor House of Nathiagali

The Governor House can be a perfect welcome for the tourist who visits Nathiagali to enjoy the matchless beauty it has. According to research, you can book a room at Governor House Nathiagali for a day starting PKR 40,000. For Chief Minister House the rates are PKR 24,000. In the same way, there are different rates for a different commodity.

To enjoy the facilities at Nathiagali now people have the option of choosing from a wide variety of choices available for them to stay.

The rooms have different capacities which entail two adult’s two children, standard check-in time 15:00 hours. The check out time is noon.

Just like Bahria Town Enclave has become popular among its competitors, this Governor house stands as one of the most beautiful houses to stay in.


Like every other province has its Governor House on this list, the province of Sindh has its own Governor House too. The official residence of the Governor of Sindh has located at Aiwan e Sadar Road Karachi.

This house was construct in 1939. It holds great significance in the history of Sindh. This was the residence of many political and prominent figures, like the lieutenants during the British rule in Sindh, presidents, Generals. Now, this house is open to the public.

Bahria Enclave Plots were also opened to the public which is the main reason for the popularity it has now. In the same way, Sindh Governor House is also famous now due to an open house visit.

Governor House Sindh open for public

Now, this Governor’s house is open to the public & the current government is using this as a tourist attraction. The timings are from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. After a basic security check like depositing your Identity Card, you can access Sindh Governor House.

From Historical Artifacts to Lush Gardens & Relics, people have a variety of things to see and learn from. People take photos of the office of Quaid-e-Azam while visiting there. The government has also planned for guided tours.


To eliminate the VIP services and protocol which given to the Prime Minister’s, Governing bodies are no longer allow to use these buildings as their official residence.

As the government plans to turn these places as a tourist attraction, all the state buildings will now be used for public welfare.

Governor House of Murree will be turn into a resort shortly. It is at Kashmir Point at an altitude of 7,513 ft above the sea level.

It was built in 1954, various head of the states and world leaders used to visit the historical building in the past.

Government House Murree opens for public

The decision of allowing public access in Governor House Murree has proved to be a success as the place is crawling with beautiful sites.

Beautiful lawns of the governor house Murree are a major source of attraction for visitors.

The timing is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The majority of rooms of the building are lock and currently are unavailable to book. Unlike Bahria Enclave Plots which are always available to be booked anytime you want.

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