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To protect you from all of the false information that is circulating in the market, we have gathered some trustworthy information to share with you about the market’s hottest topic, Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2. This article contains all of the information you need to know about the project which has long been the subject of rumors.

On December 20, 2022, the Country Head of Bahria Town, Mr. Shahid Qureshi, gave a very important speech about launching of Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 in site reveal ceremony. Bahria Town 2 is approved by SDA (Sindh Development Authority) and SBCA (Sindh Building Control Authority) and will be launched on 5th of January, 2023. A sizable crowd was present at the project’s grand site unveiling, indicating that people are extremely excited about it.


All the builders and developers heard some good news from Mr. Shahid Qureshi:  40% of the infrastructure and development work of the site has already been completed including schools, hospitals and mosques under construction. The town’s entrance gate is already built and is grand and beautiful, like Bahria Town 1 in Karachi. We can see that perfectly constructed carpeted roads and street lighting have already been built. Nobody can tell that these were formerly a part of Noori Abad’s desolate land from a few days ago. The pace of the development is indeed almost unbelievable. Exit was not built until the site reveals, but it is expected that it will also be constructed until the New Year.

BTK phase 2 will feature the construction of Allama Iqbal Avenue, a 400-foot-wide road that will be identical to Jinnah Avenue from BTK phase 1. There will be established a Mini Forest Enclave, Fully Lit Golf Course, Amusement Park, and Grand Water Park. Another mosque, modelled after Turkey’s Blue Mosque, is being constructed.


Bahria Town Karachi phase 2 is speedily developing at the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. The distance of BTK 2 from the location of Bahria Town Karachi Phase 1 is 34-36Km and from the main city, BTK2 is located at a distance of approx. 97.8Km. Bahria Town 2 Karachi is at Nooriabad, Sindh. Many big housing societies are opening soon near the site such as DHA society and ASF Karachi.

All Karachi residents want is a way to escape the congestion, crime, and pollution of the city without giving up the conveniences it offers. Bahia Town makes it possible! Bahria Town 2 is probably going to be more upscale than Bahria Town 1.


Bahria Town is making a city within the city which means all of the necessary daily life practices can be carried out within this community. BTK2 project plan is a master plan that has designed in different zones as follows;

BTK2 Residential Zone:

For the comfort, safety, and assurance of a pleasant environment for the residents, a separate residential zone is designed with all contemporary amenities and facilities. 125, 250, and 500 Sq. Yards

Residential Plots and 125 Sq. Yards Luxury Villas are announced by the country head of Bahria Town, with 2000 Sq. Yards residential plots and 250 and 500 Sq. Yards villas to follow in future.

with 2000 Sq. Yards residential plots and 250 and 500 Sq. Yards villas to follow in future.

BTK2 Commercial Zone:

A distinct commercial and institutional zone with high returns on investment is planned for Bahria Town Karachi 2. Commercial lots between 125 and 500 square yards have been introduced, and lots up to 4000 square yards in size as well as farmland will also be offered in the future.

BTK2 Industrial Zone:

Industries search for well-kept areas all over Pakistan where they can easily operate their factory or any other industry-related business. A separate industrial zone will improve the industrial environment in Pakistan because Bahria Town is renowned for producing projects with an excellent environment and a lifestyle which are comparable to projects in other nations. This will also end the hustle of reaching to the main city for labor and a separate zone will also keep the residential area away from all side effects.


BTK 2 is offering high-quality living and incredible investment opportunities with an unexpected payment schedule. Offering the aforementioned wide range of properties with simple payment plans and all necessary conveniences and luxuries BTK2 is leasing the property, and reservations can be made with as little as an 8-11% down payment. The remaining balance can be paid over an easy 4-year installment plan; when 50% of the payment is made, the possession of the property will be given to the client.


Yes, BTK2 is a golden investment opportunity offering a wide range of residential and industrial investment opportunities. The best news is that every property in BTK 2 will be available on a proper lease, meaning the owner of the property will be completely secure and satisfied.   BTK2 is going to be the best real estate investment opportunity in 2023 with fantastic payment plans and introductory price ranges. The biggest concern of those who invest in real estate is ownership, and BTK 2 promises the possession of the property immediately following 50% of the payment, meaning you can own the plot and start construction as soon as 50% of the payment is done.

  • Development at the fastest pace
  • Possession of 50% of the payment.
  • Booking can be done only on an 8-11% Down Payment.
  • Easy Installment plans.
  • Both short-term and long-term investment opportunities.
  • All necessities and luxuries of life
  • High Returns on investments


Is It Safe to Invest In Bahria Town 2?

Yes, Bahria Town 2 Karachi is a good investment for people who missed the chance to invest in Bahria Town phase 1, as the prices are right now, introductory and they will rise with time proving to be a futuristic investment.

Is Bahria Town 2 Karachi launched?

Bahria Town Karachi 2 will be launched on January 5th, 2023.

What is the most significant feature of BTK 2?

All property in BTK 2 is leased and possession is offered right after 50% payment. The easy 4 years payment plan is also an attractive feature of BTK2.

Which is better:  BTK 1 or BTK 2?

BTK 1 is already a successful project while BTK2 is a bigger project that is promising as well. If you are looking for immediate relocation BTK1 is finest option while BTK 2 is a good futuristic investment that is going to give high returns very soon. BTK2 is the latest sensation in real estate market of Pakistan.


Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to invest in Pakistan’s only promising asset—its land. Now that you are fully informed about the project all you need is an authentic and dependable builder.
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