Bahria Town Karachi the Homeland of International Brands

Most of the largest and most influential companies of the modern age are publicly traded multinational brands and corporations. They have a big impact on our lifestyle and living patterns. Around the world departmental stores and shopping malls are cropping up, eating and food habits are changing while the industry of fashion and household appliances are growing in the name of brands. As brands imply luxury living and quality of life, therefore Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) is their best destination in Pakistan.

Apart from comfort and facilitation, brands are the indicators of living standards and the development of habitats and neighborhoods, especially of new housing societies.
Bahria Town Karachi is the biggest housing project in the country spread over 46000 acres. The mega real estate development scheme has residential plots, luxury apartments, commercial areas, high rises, and many more. The scheme is marked for its luxuries and high-end lifestyle along with lavish living amenities.
Besides all of that, various multinationals and top brands embellish the housing project and upgrade the values of the lifestyle here. Let’s examine some of these brands;

Food Chains

Outlets of food and dine-out have always been a plus point of Bahria Town Karachi. Among the multinationals chain, there are already McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Ginsoy Restaurants, located around the Bahria Theme Park. Pizza Hut has its earliest branch in Precinct 1 in front of Tauheed Square. Fibbi Tea House is near Abu Qasim Supermarket. While another famous brand OPTP is close to the Bahria Dancing Fountain.


Carrefour is one of the topmost rated names in the world as a supermarket. The leading brand has two outlets in Karachi in Dolmen Clifton and Lucky Mall. The third one is going to be started in Bahria Town Karachi, for which space has been already allotted. The name of the Imtiaz store is not unknown to anyone. And, this leading grocery and departmental brand are also opening in Bahria Town Karachi expectedly this year. Besides, there are already three big marts in BTK in which Bilal Supermarket, Abu Qasim Supermarket are known stores for basic needs.

Fuel & Automobiles

Suzuki Motors is already operational in BTK, while almost all petroleum companies are seeking space for petrol pumps and other lubricant and auto services. However, due to strict rules and regulations of Bahria Town management regarding the environment and health safety of the inhabitants, compliance is not easy for everyone. Yet, after fulfilling compliance Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is running not one but two petrol pumps here, with mini-marts and associated auto services available.

Local & International Banks

Among the banks, there are already names like Faysal Bank, United Bank (UBL), Sindh Bank, and Meezan Bank. These banks are also expanding their branches in the scheme while many other banks have acquired space and about to start banking services in BKT.
Bahria Town Karachi has now become a city within the megacity and the new homeland of international brands. The said progress and development it has attained within the record five years. Property-wise it has thousands of residential plots varying 125, 250, 350, and 500 yards, luxury apartments of 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms, commercial areas with shops and showrooms, high rises, farmhouses, and many more.
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