Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) is the biggest and one of the most luxurious as well as top-rated real estate development in Pakistan. The mega housing project has set a new benchmark of community development by designing and executing a perfect neighborhood concept to deliver extraordinary and world-class housing to its residents and ensuring all dream amenities and services here, which were unimaginable in Pakistan.

Dubbed as a “City within a city”, Bahria Town Karachi was launched in 2014. An epitome of urban and town planning, it is the first and foremost choice for locals and overseas where they can live in a calm and peaceful environment while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

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Bahria Town Karachi is located some 15 km away from downtown Karachi along the Karachi Hyderabad Superhighway known as M-9 Motorway. It is a 15-minute drive away from Jinnah International Airport. While major expressways like Layari Expressway, under-construction Malir Expressway, and Northern Bypass are also just minutes ahead of Bahria Town Karachi. The environment and surroundings are clean and serene which offers a healthy and prosperous living inside.


Bahria Town Karachi is on 46,000 acres of land and supposed to home one million inhabitants in the scheme. The scheme is categorized into innumerable Precincts. In terms of residential developments, there are plots, apartments, and luxury villas for extravagant living and lifestyle. While it is likely to become the corporate hub in near future with a series of commercial plots, offices, shops, showrooms for business and commercial activities. While there are also farmhouses that can also serve for commercial and leisure purposes.

The Town is also the destination of some globally-acclaimed attractions, which includes Grand Jamia Mosque, Rafi Cricket Stadium, PGA Floodlit Golf Course, and Pakistan’s first Theme Park of international standards.


Bahria Town Karachi offers a series of residential options for families belonging to all sections of society by planning and developing various neighborhoods located inside a walled or gated community. In the residential category there are residential plots of 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 yards.The project also offers ready-to-live villas of 500, 350, 200 and 500 yards sizes in various Precincts Besides there luxury apartments of 4-Bed, 3-Bed and 2-Beds as well as 1-Bed Studio apartment in some projects. There are also specially developed Overseas Blocks in various Precincts offering a range of accommodations for expat Pakistanis.

There are authorized dealers of Bahria Town Karachi who allowed to deal or trade in properties of the housing scheme.  Compared to other Karachi’ real estates, Bahria Town Karachi prices are more cost-effective, considering the standard of amenities, quality of lifestyle, and other features in the mega housing society


Bahria Town Karachi is a mega real estate development scheme with luxurious residential and equally decent commercial neighborhoods. These are masterly refined and convenient venues in the scheme for shopping and retail spaces. Real estate dealers around the country believe Bahria Town Karachi is going to become a mega commercial hub with modernly designed and developed commercial spaces having a genuine futuristic approach.

There are a wide collection of lucrative options for business and commercial activities with a variety of range and prices in Bahria Town Karachi. It offers commercial plots of 125, 200, and yards in Midway Commercial, 500 yards in Jinnah Commercial Avenue, 100, 125, and 266 in Liberty Commercial some 133 yards in Precinct 1 and Precinct 2 and 2200 and 3400 commercial plots in Theme Park Commercial area. These commercial neighborhoods are perfect for real estate aspects, property development, and business ventures. They are fully functional with offices, shops, and showrooms.

Many real estate agents of Bahria Town Karachi are involved in the business and trading of these properties and earn more handsomely compared to other estate agents in Karachi.

Community Benefits

A. Gated Community: A walled and guard-gated residential estate with strictly controlled entrances from outsiders to maintain your privacy and safety in the scheme.

B. Utilities: 24-hour uninterrupted electricity and water supply, as well as a wide, well-planned, and exemplary sewerage and stormwater drainage network, is the hallmark of BTK.

C. Advanced security: Bahria Town Karachi has their own fire tenders, emergency rescue services, CCTV cameras, and uninterrupted electricity supply within the boundary wall. While world-class security with 24/7 surveillance and uniformed guards patrolling the streets are distinctive features of their security management system.

D. Leisure: When it comes to entertainment and leisure, Bahria Town has a lot to offer, and especially for special occasions like Eid, New Year Night, and public holidays. From family-friendly attractions, wonderful parks, and zoos to cinemas, Bahria Town Karachi is the destination.

E. Commutation: Bahria Town Shuttle Service between Bahria Town Karachi and Malir Halt and also Sohrab Goth is a fast, comfortable and economical commute for the general public. Inside the town, there is Main Jinnah Avenue, an 18 lane, 400 feet wide road, developed on the pattern of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and leads you from the entrance to the end of the housing scheme.

F. Education: Bahria Town Karachi, has established its own colleges and schools. All residents can get their children enrolled in Roots Millennium School and if you are considering options for higher education, Iqra Univesity has just started its campus near Grand Jamiah Mosque besides you can also explore other nearby options such as Baqai Medical University and etc.

G. Healthcare: Bahria Town International Hospital offers world-class healthcare services and a wide variety of diagnostic, therapeutic, and other medical treatments tailored to the specific needs of each patient. It’s an advanced healthcare hospital with a 24/7 emergency room, where specialists from all areas of medicine serve the local residents.

H. Public Parks: Bahria Town Karachi is known for its beautiful landscaping and outstanding parks. Parks of different shapes and sizes at Bahria Town give the look of a city of gardens. Green trees and shrubs, flowers, and lawns provide the necessary relief from day to day stress of modern life. Each neighborhood community is allotted a certain percentage of land, dedicated to greenery, playing fields, and jogging tracks.

Bahria Farm Houses

The aspect of luxury living in Pakistan and a referral point of modern community living in the region are best showcased in Bahria Farmhouses in Karachi. These farmhouses are more than a contemporary residential development. In fact, they are lifestyle experience that promises the best of community living in an exclusive setting.

Bahria Farmhouses Karachi is designed with the utmost focus on comfort and with unmatched design quality. Plots here have been designed for a luxury family lifestyle, adjacent to world-class attractions like Theme Park and Danzo. These farmhouses are the apex of luxury and a true reflection of your taste and personality, besides providing you a perfect place to experience tranquility and peace.

Features & Amenities

Bahria Sports City

Bahria Sports City is a venue where action and leisure live in harmony. Ideally located with direct access from the 400 ft wide main Jinnah Avenue it is a first a kind unique project in Pakistan. It offers sports enthusiasts a healthier and active lifestyle in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi.

In Precinct 35, Bahria Sports City features 350-yard luxury villas having a 3400 sq ft covered area. These 4-bed elegantly designed Villas are inspired by Jumeirah Village Dubai and are an expression of modern designs and luxury living. Compared to other Bahria Town Villas, accommodations in Bahria Sports City are more worthwhile and prestigious. Some important sporting attractions in the Sports City are Pakistan’s biggest Cricket Stadium, Grand gymnasium with Tennis, Squash and Badminton courts, Football ground, Cycling & Jogging Tracks, and a 5-Star Luxury Hotel.

Features & Amenities

Bahria Paradise

Bahria Paradise is an outstanding project with all state of the art facilities and the thing that makes it more valuable is, its concept inspired by Central Park in New York City. It is Pakistan’s first lifestyle community developed around a huge 32-acre green area, located in the vicinity of Grand Jamia Masjid in Bahria Town Karachi.

Bahria Paradise is a gated community project which features 250, 500, 1000  yard residential plots along with 500 square-yard Luxury Villas with approximately 4700 square feet covered area including servant quarter within a boundary wall. Amidst soft lush grass and pure class, Bahria Paradise is a one of its kind project with following features

Features & Amenities

Bahria Apartments

Bahria Apartments are the ultimate real estate destination in Bahria Town Karachi, where the city’s creative urban culture takes root. There are countless apartments in Bahria Town, but Bahria Apartments have an edge above the rest. Standing tall amidst the glorious Bahria Town Karachi, basically, they are apartment complexes with a unique community living concept that offers a luxury environment in a fully integrated lifestyle.

One of the very first but landmark projects of Bahria Town in Karachi, these apartments are still in high demand for sale and rental purposes. Modern and spectacular in design, these apartments and inside commercial areas have been developed keeping in mind eco-friendly planning. This is why their amenities and facilities have been thoughtfully integrated with the project like;

Features & Amenities

Also, this environment-friendly development is connected to major roads and allows easy and fast access to all Bahria Town Karachi’s business and commercial areas.

Bahria Apartments are available in 2, 3, and 4 bedroom sizes with international fittings and fixtures and offer an unparalleled lifestyle experience designed to maximize resident’s enjoyment of life. In total, the project is a social and cultural hub tailored for every person’s needs.

Bahria Heights

A spectacular view of eight identical towers facing each other is a hallmark of developments in Bahria Town Karachi. The project namely Bahria Heights is a unique community concept that offers a luxury environment in a fully integrated lifestyle.

Located close to Grand Jamia Masjid and opposite Precinct 8 as well as Precinct 12, Bahria Heights is a successful project of 2-bedroom luxury apartments in Bahria Town Karachi. Consisting of an 1100 sq ft covered area, each apartment is the epitome of elegance and a community-based lifestyle. The planning of Bahria Heights has been designed according to a neighborhood living concept, with a natural courtyard-like area for recreation in the center of buildings. World-class amenities are prominent features of Bahria Heights. Like

Features & Amenities

Contemporary and homely 2-bedroom apartments in Bahria Heights are suitable for all kinds of families and gives you a sense of peace of comfort to live life without worry.

Bahria Central Park Apartments

Bahria Central Park Apartments is a mega project with multiple skyscrapers in a gated community surrounding a 32 acre Central Park in Bahria Paradise. With serene views of a grand lush green Central Park and direct access to some of Bahria Town Karachi’s most iconic landmarks, these high-end apartments are the finest version of New York City’ Manhattan that the rest of the world dreams about experiencing. One of the prominent Bahria Town’s real estate dealers rightly comments “An apartment in Bahria Town Karachi is always good, but an apartment in Bahria Central Park is even better.”

Bahria Central Park Apartments are located in precinct 54 and offer 2 and 3-bed luxury apartments, excluding some limited edition penthouses. Central Park is well located and easily approachable surrounding by industrial plots that also give investors profitable business prospects. The whole plan would cover a large park providing the same living experience that New Yorkers have enjoyed living close to that iconic spot.

Besides, a large 18.5-acre 5-star hotel will also be built on one corner of Central Park. While Taj Mahal replica coupling with the central park will provide residents of Bahria Paradise with a first-class living experience.

Features & Amenities

Bahria Golf City

The eminence of Bahria Town plots can be easily traced in Bahia Golf City. Bahria Golf City is a dream residential community for golf enthusiasts. Golf, as a sport, is already a universal symbol of a high-end lifestyle around the world and Bahria Golf City perfectly symbolizes “living with luxury” in the BTK. The neighborhood is the Karachi’s most exclusive community with ultra-modern and luxurious Golf & Country Club facilities, including Pakistan’s first-ever 36 Holes PGA Standard Golf Course.

The community offers stunning 1, 2, and 4 Kanal residential plots in a gated community. That enables all the golf enthusiasts to step directly onto the green field from the door and also residents to have a direct view of the greenery from windows. Altogether, Bahria Golf City Karachi is a golf-based residential community offering the latest facilities and modern services.

Features & Amenities

Likewise, the Hyatt Regency Karachi here is the icing on the cake, making the neighborhood an uptown community.


Fun And Attractions

A luxury living is incomplete without ample choices of leisure activities in lifestyle.  Bahria Town Karachi is all about the quality of life in terms of living, health, entertainment, and sports.

Rafi Cricket Stadium: Bahria Sports City hosts the Rafi Cricket Stadium, the Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium. Inspired by Dubai International Cricket Stadium, it has an ICC certified design and presently is under-construction.The complex will consist of a world class cricket academy, gymnasium, swimming pool and hostels.

Rayan Golf Course & Country Club: Located in the Bahria Golf City Karachi, the Rayan Golf Course & Country Club is the Pakistan’s first ever 36-Hole PGA standard Golf Course. It is also the first Night-Lit Golf facility in the South Asia. The lush green Golf Course features 18 Lakes and a Driving Range and is the most desired destination for serious golfers and enthusiasts.

Rayan Golf Course & Country Club: Located in the Bahria Golf City Karachi, the Rayan Golf Course & Country Club is the Pakistan’s first ever 36-Hole PGA standard Golf Course. It is also the first Night-Lit Golf facility in the South Asia. The lush green Golf Course features 18 Lakes and a Driving Range and is the most desired destination for serious golfers and enthusiasts.

The Grand Gymnasium: The Grand Gymnasium will be the first of its kind in Karachi providing an unmatched experience for all. The magnificant sports arena will specially include Tennis, Squash and Badminton Courts to provide the sports enthusiasts with a variety of activities to engage in an active lifestyle.

Bahria Adventure Land: Pakistan’s first international standard Theme Park, where fun stays sharp till the end. The Adventure Land unleashes a world of exhilarating adventures and also has quality niche restaurants to offer a unique dine-in experience for entire family.

DanZoo: Magnificence of the wild comes to Bahria Town Karachi with Pakistan’s first Day & Night Zoo, aptly called DanZoo. It is unbelievable experience absolute fun with your favourite animals.

Carnival Area: The Carnival is an entertainment hub for family providing a range of fun activities and events including fun rides, events, and open parks. Nothing compares to the luxury of quality time with the family combined with an ultimate enjoyment at the Carnival Area in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Dancing Fountains Show: A dazzling display of fountain water and laser light choreography, is one of the top-ranked features of Bahria Town Karachi. The Dancing Fountain show here is a dazzling display of water choreography when music and light intertwine to create mesmerizing performances.

Eiffel Tower: It is actually a replica of one of the world’ seven wonders and the structure shows striking illumination effects in the night. Situated in Bahria Sports City, it covers an area of nearly 25 acres, having a lush green park and also ample car parking space. It stands tall at a glorious height of 80 meter with 3 floors and there is an elevator to take you to the top of the tower.

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