Construction Update – Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi:

Ideally, Bahria Town Karachi is a wonderful place in Karachi. Many people are moving to this place for excellent living prospects. They are people who want to start a business. Certainly, this place will have more growth in future. Now, there are various developments in construction. The future of Bahria Town Karachi is great. Indeed, there will be more people coming to live there. Surely, the facilities will also increase. However, the prices will also increase. An increase in price means more returns in future. Some people living outside Pakistan also like to buy plots. They wait for a good time to resale it.

Bahria Heights – Possession available:

Presently, Bahria Heights is offering possession to the residents. It is great news because these are wonderful apartments. Moreover, they are in a perfect location to attract more people. These apartments are available for sale. They are suitable for all kinds of families. Indeed, it is an overall beautiful place with space for children to play around. It is an important place in Bahria Town Karachi. Moreover, many investors can also invest money by buying an apartment.

Precinct 62 – Bahria Greens:

Now, the development process is in full swing at Bahria Greens. There are 75 sq. yards plots available. More than 8 model villas and one street are ready. Besides, the plots are clear and ready for the construction of villas. There are some green belts in the streets. In the future, there will be green parks in each street. Many realtors are offering plots at Bahria Greens. After possession, the prices will increase so it is better to invest now for the best returns in future. There is a link road that connects Jinnah Avenue to the Bahria Greens. This road is almost at completion and will be fully active soon!

Grand Jamia Masjid:

Recently, flooring with marble tiles is in process at Grand Jamia Masjid. Besides, the space is also ready for car parking. There will be Islamic lessons too. Hence, the prices of nearby blocks will also increase. The mosque has enough space for a great number of people. Definitely, this mosque has great importance for the people of Bahria Town Karachi. It is also under construction.

Rafi Cricket Stadium:

Bahria Town Karachi welcomes International cricketers to play their matches at Rafi Cricket Stadium. There will be more cricket matches for local and international cricketers.  In addition, there will also be ground for football and other sports. It is about adventure, entertainment and sportsmen life. Hopefully, PSL 9 shall be posted here and it will have a huge crowd.

Current Bahria Town Karachi update:

Currently, 125 yards villa construction is in full swing at Precincts 15 and 27. For 250 yards villa construction, Precinct 16 is going on top these days. Moreover, the construction of 500 yards villa is in process at Bahria Gold City. At Midway B, towers and offices are built for commercial purposes.

Construction by Private Builders:

All the private builders are busy with the construction of their projects. Bahria Town Karachi management approves these projects. Indeed, the building of high-rises is in full swing currently. Shops, showrooms, apartments, offices and outlets are also available for sale and rent.

Locations – Jinnah Avenue & Midway Commercial:

At Main Jinnah Avenue, many private builders are building residential and commercial properties. Indeed, construction by private builders is at its peak in Bahria Town Karachi. So, this is how the real estate business at Bahria Town Karachi is the topmost right now. Certainly, it is a prime location that is not so far from the Main Gate. There are many apartments and shops available for sale and rent. People can also have investment opportunities. Indeed, many builders are looking for space to build projects at these 2 locations. Also, the value will also increase in future.

Homeland Enterprises Roadmap to Construction – 2022:

HL Corner – Piling Work Ceremony and construction:

Surely, HL Corner is an excellent project that has apartments, penthouses and swimming pools. Everything good is around the corner for ease. So, the grand event took place on 26th March 2022 to begin its construction at the HL Corner Site at Main Jinnah Avenue. It was great to have everyone with us.

Liberty Park’s Residencia – Construction in full swing:

The construction of Liberty Park’s Residencia is going well. Every day there is progress. Indeed, it is at a fast pace because the project will be delivered after 2 years. Now, this project is in the process to fulfil the promise made to the customers. After 2 projects, this is will be another milestone achieved.

HL Fifteen:

Homeland Enterprises is now ahead to digging and construction in a few days. It is a wonderful project of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms apartments. It has a shopping mall and food court too. Soon, there will be a piling work ceremony planned by Homeland Enterprises.

Upcoming projects of Homeland Enterprises:

HL Corner 2:

HL Corner 2 is at the 52nd plot at the back of Main Jinnah Avenue. It is opposite Bahria Hospital. Certainly, this is also a prime location. There will be 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Moreover, there will be shops and showrooms on the ground floor too. Further details will be given from time to time.

HL Icon:

HL Icon is at the 42nd plot at Main Jinnah Avenue. It is the corner plot. Certainly, this is also a prime location. There will be 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. Moreover, there will be penthouses and swimming pools. Further details will be given from time to time. Therefore, we can say that HL Icon will be built just like HL Corner.

In a nutshell:

This blog explains well the building of new projects in Bahria Town Karachi as of March 2022. So, we shall keep updating you about many new things happening there. Realtors provide investment chances to people so they can invest safely. However, people need to know that the prices will increase so they must invest now. Above all, there will be great returns in future. Therefore, it is wise to think about various property options.

Client’s Testimonial:

‘’A five-star service from Team Homeland! I now have the perfect plan at the perfect price. Indeed having my own house seemed tough but here I am praising you from my home!’’

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