Developments in 2020 of Bahria Town Karachi and Homeland Enterprises

The year 2020 was mainly reigned by COVID-19 over political economies and social developments around the world. Therefore business, trade, and all commercial activities slumped badly as a whole. Pakistan too remained in confrontation with a similar fate albeit government’s efforts to revive the economy via intensifying the housing, construction, and real estate sector. Therefore the Construction Package 2020 brought about some relief to the already ailing real estate sector but the overall property market continuously showed a downtick.

Bahria Green & Market Stability

Bahria Town Karachi was no exception, yet somehow managed to keep the prices stable as much as possible and also announced the Bahria Green to bolster low-cost housing in 2020. That got some positive impacts on the real estate business here. A series of lofty high rises alongside the Main Jinnah Avenue have grown up this year, which have changed the skyline of BTK altogether.

Also this year the demand for ready to live accommodations has increased in Bahria Town, especially after the monsoon’ urban flooding in the downtown of the megacity.

Homeland Enterprises in 2020

Like Bahria Town, Homeland Enterprises also grows up this year with precision. This year the authorized realtor has established its footings as a leading developer in BTK. As of 2020 it launched bookings of their second high-rise project the Liberty Park’ Residencia, began construction of the Liberty Residencia, and also jumped into the development of luxury villas in Ali Block.

Launching of Liberty Park’ Residencia

Dubbed as the jewel in the crown of Bahria Town, the Liberty Park’ Residencia is a multi-storied high rise.  It is located opposite the Midway Commercial Block B and just a walk away from the Theme Park and Precinct 9. The building offers local and overseas buyers 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms super executive apartments. It has an imperial architectural design with a touch of class and elegance. 

Beginning of Liberty Residencia’ Construction

This year construction work on the 10-story Liberty Residencia kicked off and is going on without interruption. At present, the work on the first floor is in the progress after the basement and ground floor. Located in the commercial hub of Bahria Town Karachi, this residential cum commercial project offers 2-bedroom luxury apartments in three different categories spanning over 1000 sq ft.

Development of Villas in Ali Block

Apart from high-rises Homeland Enterprises also enters residential developments by constructing villas in Ali Block, the most prominent and model areas of the Bahria Town Karachi. These double-storied villas are 125 yards and feature 3 to 4 bedrooms by design, ideal for a family of 4 to 6 people.

These are important developments in 2020 attributed to Bahria Town Karachi and Homeland Enterprises. Otherwise, that year was not good enough by any means because of Coronavirus.

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