6th June 2021 was a day of mourning and darkness in the history of Pakistan. Bahria was subject to violence and fanatic extremism in the protest.  Commercial and residential blocks of Bahria Town Karachi were put on fire by the cruel protesters who claimed that their properties were snatched from them. A large number of protesters were staging a sit-in outside the housing society off the Super Highway. It was not the war of lands but it was the war of language, biases, and discrimination. The main entrance of Bahria Town Karachi was aflame and police were involved to get hold of the unanticipated situation. Bahria Town Karachi management had to take quick action to cease the entrance with containers from all the corners. To harm the community members, the protestors entered the residencies. According to an eyewitness, the Suzuki car showroom and two international fast-food franchises were also subject to heavy resentment.


The activists robbed huge amounts of money from ATMs and this was indeed a massive financial loss for the residents. In other acts of vandalism, the glass of offices was smashed with rocks and sticks. As part of the conspiracy, Bahria Town Karachi was devastated and the experience was horrifying for the people as well as the Bahria Town Karachi management. Emergency was imposed in the area and numerous police were deployed to keep calm and ensure security. Following the recent disruptive situation, we are genuine with Bahria Town and express our deep concern with the people of Bahria Town. Let’s stand together in this grave situation. It is the potential area to secure the lifetime! The power lies in being united against violence! We cannot sacrifice the dignity of our wonderful Bahria. You have our team at all times! Let’s shoot out with vigor and enthusiasm…

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