Here’s what is happening in Bahria Town Karachi

Now, there are many changes in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi development is going on. It is so far the best area in Karachi. So, let’s see here’s what is happening in Bahria Town Karachi. In the future, real estate will grow. The current news is important for the investors.

1. Burnt Gate opening after repair:

6th June 2021 was a sad day for Pakistan. Sadly, Bahria Town Karachi was at the protest. Many places of Bahria Town Karachi were on fire. Also, many activists sat at the main gate of Bahria Town Karachi. They burnt it. They said that they didn’t get their properties. Indeed, it was a big loss for Bahria Town Karachi. Now, the gate is ready to open for the public and the people of Bahria Town Karachi. Above all, it is great news. The main entrance is the pride of Bahria Town Karachi. We are happy to state this news!

2. Ali Block – more than 400 villas, 60% constructed:

Surely, Ali Block is the most famous Bahria Town Karachi. Located at Main Jinnah Avenue, Ali Block has many villas. Indeed, Ali Block is an active area. There are more than 400 villas now. Therefore, it has great importance for buyers and real estate agents. All the facilities are here. Ali Block has 24/7 electricity, water, sewerage, safety, and cleanliness. Also, parks and mosques are also at all the precincts. It is best to build an ideal home. Currently, 60% construction of villas is done. After payment, the buyer is the owner. Truly, many families enjoy their happy living in Ali Block.

3. Construction of Grand Jamia Masjid:

Grand Jamia Masjid is an asset of Bahria Town Karachi. It is the third-largest mosque in the world. Indeed, there is no mosque like this in Karachi. Truly, it is a mosque of Islamic and Mughal design and building. Also, it will be built soon. Recently, flooring with marble tiles is in process. Besides, the nearby areas are ready for car parking. There will be Islamic lessons to help the Muslims. Hence, the prices of nearby blocks will also increase. The mosque has enough space for a great number of people.

4. Prime Minister housing scheme:

Prime Minister started a low-cost housing in Bahria Town Karachi. It is for the people who have low income. So, they can enjoy a wonderful life at Bahria Town Karachi. All the investors should avail this and invest money. The building of houses shall begin soon. Prime Minister decided on a budget for this housing scheme. Hence, this program is best for many people who want their own home but cannot afford it. Indeed, it is a safe plan.

5. Business lift of private builders:

There are many property builders in Bahria Town Karachi. Also, they offer investment to the people who want to live in Bahria Town Karachi Property. Now, these builders are happy doing business here. Definitely, one reason is that the Bahria Town Karachi prices are increasing. Indeed, the future of this place is great. It is the right time to invest here for great profits in the future. Hence, feel free to contact Team Homeland for investment chances!

In a nutshell:

Indeed, all the above news is the latest update of Bahria Town Karachi. Indeed, the buyers will be happy to see that their money is at the right place. In the entire world, this place is famous and ideal. Hence, it is important to know here’s what is happening in Bahria Town Karachi. Stay in touch with Homeland Enterprises for more updates! So, please stay tuned! We have a lot to share more.

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