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You spend hours creating valuable content, but if you are not able to hook your audience, it’s worthless! You need to understand the Instagram algorithm, through which it sorts posts and displays them to a relative audience. You must despise and believe that after Instagram 2022 algorithm, Instagram has become more competitive. But the case is exactly the opposite: the Instagram 2022 algorithm has made it easier to reach a potential audience and increase followers.

But the question is: how can you use this algorithm in your favor?


Let’s start by understanding Instagram’s algorithm first! It ranks your content on the user’s feed on the basis of multiple factors. The most important factors include the time of the posts, the engagement on the posts, the frequency of using the platform, the relevancy of your content, and the relationship you build with your audience.

Don’t worry! We have deeply dug into these factors for you and came up with these 4 simple tricks to attract more followers and increase your Instagram reach! 


The descriptions and post tags are more important than you think! Here are some key hacks to write the perfect descriptions for your Instagram post.

  • Stick with your brand’s voice and tone.

Your writing tone should always reflect your brand story. You can instill the image of your brand in the audience’s mind with the consistency of your language and tones. Do not edit captions, again and again, it will negatively affect your reach and your post will be considered as vague or confusing.

  • Use the right keywords:

To write the perfect post description, know the purpose of your post, and hook the audience with the correct keywords! For example, if you want to build trust, use words like “proven,” “tested,” “stop doing,” or “it’s time to stop doing,” whereas if you want them to watch your entire video, use words like “how I,” “secret to,” or “it’s time to stop doing.”

To sell products, use keywords that arouse readers’ greed, such as “free,” “steal,” “easy,” and “effective.”

  • Ask Questions:

Understand what the audience desires! Identify their wants and needs. In your descriptions or taglines, try to address their concerns. Engage your audience by using Instagram stories, and features like polls, and “Ask a Question.” and try to respond to the majority of them within 60 minutes. Instagram’s algorithm determines how well the audience connects with the creator, and it will almost certainly produce positive results!


Campaigns and contests are like invitations! You are inviting people to your account. Hosting interesting contests encourages people to interact with your posts, as well as encourages new audiences to like or share them, increasing your followers.

Use “Calls to Action” (CTAs) to get comments and shares, and try to keep them fun and exciting, but do not forget the vision of your account; stick to it! and conduct surprise giveaways; this can keep people following you.

Some of the tricks that we have tried are listed below:

  • Top Follower of the month!
  • Get your entry by tagging three friends in the comments.
  • Share the post as a story and mention my account.


Instagram was indeed a “photo-sharing” app but photos are so 90s! Now after Tiktok, people find short clips with music more appealing and attractive than boring photos with long captions. Instagram is competitive and it has created “Reels” right away to not to be left behind by these video-sharing apps! The reel is actually the number one hack to boost your reach like crazy! The more users you reach with your Reels, the more likely it is that your engagement rate will increase.

These tricks are very useful while making reels to reach more audience:

  • Use Trending Audios
  • Create reels under 10-12 seconds.
  • Get maximum replays
  • Ask people to remix your reels.

UGC is “User Generated Content”,

4-FOCUS ON YOUR NICHE FOR BOTH: Content and Hashtags

Using irrelevant hashtags may increase your reach for a particular post, but it does not do much good for your account. The Instagram algorithm is smart enough to know what is actually relevant. Try to sync everything: your videos, reels, stories, captions, and hashtags! Be creative and follow trends, not just hashtags! Instagram allows you to include 30 hashtags in a post, but do not add all 30; instead, use a maximum of 8 “relevant hashtags.”

Focus on the idea for which you made your blog and follow the vision; constantly switching between different niches cannot benefit your account.

Remember, you are there to share your story and experiences and entertain the audience just love what you do and do what you love! Create great experiences for your audience, and their experience can ultimately benefit your business.


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