Importance of Residence along Jinnah Commercial Avenue

Any property at the forefront of an expressway payback generation after generation. However, Jinnah Avenue is more than an expressway. It’s the main artery of Bahria Town Karachi, starts from the main entrance, and leads to the end of the mega housing scheme while giving access to all Precincts and attractions through internal roads or avenues. So every single investment here will pay back might be forever.

 Jinnah Avenue is an 18 lane, 400 feet wide road, developed on the pattern of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Bahria Town Karachi has brought about various attractions alongside Jinnah Avenue, but undoubtedly the most important one is the Jinnah Avenue Commercial. It is a trade and business zone, full of skyscrapers, which starts from the entrance area and ends near the International Theme Park.

One of the most prime commercial locations in Pakistan, Jinnah Avenue Commercial redefines the commercial space in the country. It was meant to be for commercial properties, however, last year Bahria Town extended the option to builders to develop also apartments in the high rises. Owning a residential property here, therefore, simply connotes class and huge significance.

A Manhattan’ Lifestyle

A residence at Jinnah Commercial Avenue gives a sense of elitism and distinctive class. And, that’s actually not untrue. Almost all important necessities and attractions in Bahria Town Karachi are just walk-away either it is the hospital, Carnival, Theme Park, or supermarkets. More importantly, an apartment here lets you capture inspiring views of Bahria Town Karachi.

Effortless Living

The apartment on Jinnah Avenue has a lot of prudent importance as it is located at the entrance of Bahria. Your home is easily approachable for family members and comfortably accessible for guests.  Because the expressway has been built in such a way that it not only divides the whole Bahria town but also provides access to the various attractions in order to avoid any traffic jams on special occasions and public holidays.

Strategic Value

Moving to a high-rise apartment at Jinnah Avenue Commercial can give you full access to some premium neighborhoods, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and even better public transportation. It’s again a perfect option as it’s within walking distance of your place of employment or if you want to work remotely.

For further benefits and important details contact Homeland Enterprises. The authorized builder and realtor of Bahria Town Karachi has great options to make you the owner of your apartment alongside Jinnah Commercial Avenue and enjoy an elite lifestyle.

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