Langeji River Bridge

bahria town karachi open six lane langeji river bridge for public

Langeji River Bridge is a beautiful landmark in Bahria Town Karachi. It connects Jinnah Avenue with Bahria Paradise and the Central Park Apartments on its way. It is a 6 lane wide dual carriage bridge. Langeji is a 330ft long and 100ft wide bridge which can hold heavy vehicles. Built over the Langeji Nallah, the bridge can face flooding during the rainy season. Luckily, the construction is completed.

Precinct 48 and Bahria Paradise Villas of 500 square yards are in the surrounding. Also, the construction of the surrounding 250 square yards plots will begin soon. A great step is taken by Bahria Town Karachi to build a dam near this bridge. Moreover, the stored water is used to keep up the greenery. Overall, the view from Langeji Bridge is wonderful. Bahria Town Karachi always thinks of making the place beautiful. Indeed, it is a great place to see around.

Langeji Bridge


Langeji Bridge is at a prime location. It is at Precincts 48 and 50. The construction in these two precincts is ongoing. Certainly, this bridge will give value to them. International standards were being followed to build it. Bahria Town management cares about high quality and durable construction. Very soon, Bahria will give possession of Bahria Paradise so this bridge is of importance.

Moreover, many people bought villas and plots in the nearby precincts. From now onwards, the value of these plots and villas increased greatly. Indeed, people who will live close to Langeji Bridge are lucky in this way. After 6 or 8 months, the whole area nearby this bridge will be active.

Features of Langeji Bridge:

Langeji Bridge

The construction of Langeji Bridge is an achievement for the Bahria Town Karachi. Its prime location calls for views of scenic beauty. Also, there are 16 LED lights to make this bridge prominent and full of life. Bahria Town Karachi has a good reputation for building bridges such as the M9 Interchange and Clifton Flyover. So, Langeji Bridge is another milestone. It is built as per the time given meeting international standards of construction. Undoubtedly, the building of Langeji Bridge was flawless!

Langeji Bridge Opening Ceremony:

Surely, people who love Bahria Town Karachi for its beauty come to visit Langeji Bridge. It is a megaproject. Also, it connects the main destinations of Bahria Town Karachi. Furthermore, the value of the land will develop with time. On 22nd April, there was a grand opening of this bridge. This event was attended by the management of Bahria Town Karachi, the residents and popular personalities of the media. Basically, Langeji Bridge provides a swift commute to and from the Bahria Paradise.

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