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Live In Apartments Karachi is without a doubt the city which supports Pakistan financially, in other words, Karachi generates revenue for Pakistan on daily basis.

There was a time when the city of lights fell down due to security issues & economic downfalls which reached into the other parts of the countries as well. Thanks to the intervention of security forces over the last 3 years, Karachi has shown signs of improvements and establishments across the country & is getting back on track. Jobs are coming at a greater pace now, the real state and housing societies are currently trending due to heightened demand and promising deals. According to research analysis, prices of 120 sq yards of the plot have been increased by 32%. while 500 sq yards and 1000 sq yards have experienced an increase of 25% and 23% respectively.

Although these increases might be jaw-dropping, there remains a housing anomaly that is not common in any other part of the country which is that people of Karachi love to live in apartments.


Karachi has uncountable apartments which are the first thing everyone notices who comes to visit the city. In all shapes & sizes, you can find one that suits you best, they appear to be silent giants looking down on mortals running our daily life.

The skyline was a canvas of architectural contrast and everyone used to wonder how life would be inside these apartments. Although, for someone coming from Lahore or other parts of the country these types of places like offices in buildings. Collaborating with each other, retail therapies, rooftop restaurants, and hotels.


People here have not really learned and are uncomfortable with the idea of living in apartments. Where the urban spaces have been efficiently utilized. People in other cities like to live in independent houses which provide them with confidence and the right to claim. They have finally owned something. At least financially and speaking frankly everyone wants to own a piece of land and build a personalized structure on it.

We all are well aware that living independently has its perks but missing all those social experiences. The apartments here in Karachi are teaming with life actually. The air feels like it has a touch of liveliness and possesses a feeling of being secured by having loved ones and friends near to us.


Cost is the biggest concern with the housing trends here in Karachi when compare to other parts of the country. Karachi is actually a home for job seekers and businessmen. Karachi to be precise does not let you fail unless you want to give up. It does not matter if the company is large or small they all generate revenue and prosper. Coming back to the topic, housing has always been in demand which is in a way problematic to the housing policy companies.

Even though Karachi’s perimeters have been pushed to the limits. Many times again and again but the thing is demand for more and more. Accommodations has kept the prices mostly up.

According to a research, a 600 sq yards plot in Karachi’s DHA will cost you around Rs72,000,000 on average. Comparatively in Lahore, a 500 sq yards house in DHA will only cost around Rs53,000,000.

Live In Apartments. These rates are sometimes too much for individuals to afford a place of their own. The obvious replacement they find is apartments. A three-bedroom apartment in Karachi costs approx Rs11,000,000. Depending on the size and shape, prices will vary if the apartment is smaller. Whereas a person could easily find a small house in the above mentions amount but in Karachi, it becomes harder.


Another big reason for people to live in communal spaces is obviously Karachi’s fragile security level. The city is actually a hobbit of political, religious & ethnic parties & these apartments have provided residents of Karachi safety in a number of ways.

In many places, these apartments have securities of their own. Developed certain safety measures they can take to provide residents. Premium one of kind security protocols that keep. the premises of the apartments under watchful eyes.

Ensuring safety is a priority this led to creating a need for living closer. Another so that the risk of possible danger or insecurity can be minimized.

Like Homeland Enterprises which offer residential solutions for people who are concerned regarding all the above-mentioned necessities.


The day-to-day rising cost of living and rapidly changing prices of land all across. Pakistan has led investors and buyers to pursue a different road to extract the most out of an investment.

People all around the country are now resorting to apartments. All because of safety issues and the rising prices of land and houses which are becoming more expensive day by day.

Projects offering alternative housing solutions like Bahria Town Karachi without compromising on space, comfort, security & facilities are gaining people’s trust. Most importantly they include the ease of maintaining which is proving to be a prime motivational factor.

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