Piling work ceremony of HL Corner and HL Customer Gala

Event Overview:

Homeland Enterprises felt honored to celebrate the piling work ceremony of the HL Corner and HL Customer Gala on 26th March 2022 at Bahria Town Karachi. Indeed, it was a wonderful event that was full of joy. An event that won the hearts of so many! Certainly, the day and night efforts of Team Homeland spoke volumes in this successful event! It was celebrated at HL Corner’s Site at Main Jinnah Avenue, Bahria Town Karachi. Moreover, the venue’s decoration was perfect for the theme. There was also a fun gala for the customers who honored their visit with the families. In addition, there were food stalls, Mughal reception, discount offers, a jumping castle, face painting, and family fun. Surely, everyone enjoyed up to the most.

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Guests of honors:

Undoubtedly, Homeland Enterprises is blessed to have so many well-wishers from different real estates. They were the guests of honors who shared their viewpoints too. Indeed, these people made the program wonderful. The obvious personalities were Mr. Atif Sumsum (Sumsum Group), Mr. Fayyaz Ilyaz (Falaknaz Group), Mr. Arif Shaikhani (ABAD), Mr. Raja Mazher, and Mr. Zubair Baig (DEFCLAREA), Mr. Shahid Qadri (Ali Saqlain), Mr. Muzaffar Hashmi (Haroon Associates), Mr. Mian Athar (Athar Associates), Mr. Nasreen Aliyan (Aliyan Associates), Mr. Zain Zurrarco (Zurrarco Associates), Mr. Raja Naveed (Diawal Associates), Mr. Altaf Tai (Tai Builders and Associates), Mr. Rana Ehsan (Estate Guide), Imran Shaikhani (Diamond Homes), Mr. Yasir Hussain (GM Bahria Town Karachi) and Mr. Mohsin Shaikhani (Chairman ABAD). These gentlemen share their journey and the audience learned a lot from them! Certainly, they all know the journey of Homeland Enterprises and remained together luckily!


Ali Gul Peer is a social media influencer who graced the program with his presence! Certainly, he was overjoyed when he experienced the virtual tour. He was a true source of happiness for the people around him! Secondly, Syed Shafat Ali was the host of the piling work ceremony. Truly, he was a perfect person to do parodies of famous people and crack jokes! Hence, they both added glow to the entire program!

Piling work ceremony:

The proud C.E of Homeland Enterprises, Mr. Sultan Ali Arif began the piling work ceremony. Humbly, the guests of honors and team were there on this special occasion! Construction shall be in full swing now. Undoubtedly, it was a delightful moment for the entire Team Homeland as it marked the beginning of building! Now, everyone looks forward to the successful construction of HL Corner!

HL Customer Gala:

HL Customer Gala was another fabulous part of this celebration. Organized for the customers, it had food stalls and a kids’ play area. Everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest with families and friends. Importantly, the clients got a warm welcome from Team Homeland. It was a day filled with fun! Kids enjoyed a lot at the play pray where they were especially taken care of! Families made memorable photos as they came well-dressed. Wearing beautiful smiles, team homeland gave their best to welcome all! Moreover, a 10% discount was also offered on all the projects of Homeland Enterprises. Indeed, this was very exciting for the people who wanted to have a dream home in Bahria Town Karachi!

Virtual Tour of HL Corner and HL Fifteen:

A virtual show in the imagination of your home! Definitely, the amazing live view of HL Corner and HL Fifteen were right there! Certainly, what is inside the wonderful house was shown to everyone! Indeed, it fascinated many because it was an overall new concept. A complete tour of the home so close to reality! It was a 360 degrees view all around! Team Homeland helped everyone to have this virtual tour.

Qawwali night:

Above all, the blend of emotions and happiness came with the perfect lyrics and music! A qawwali night completes an event wonderfully! Words and music that touched the hearts and souls! Saqib Ali Taji Qawwal and his fellows’ inspired the audience in high spirits! Indeed, they had great fun because they had moments of happiness with lots of entertainment.

In a nutshell:

There were all smiles, happiness, and colors to rejoice in the day. Team Homeland gave its best to organize the event. In addition, the program went on peacefully because of excellent planning. Overall, it was a superb event. We got immense encouragement and love from everyone! Alhamdulillah! HL Corner is a prominent project of Homeland Enterprises. It has apartments, penthouses, and swimming pools. Moreover, the investment plan is for 3 years. Also, there are 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms apartments. After all, the construction will speed up once digging is done. Therefore, have a wonderful home in Bahria Town Karachi by booking at HL Corner!

Client’s Testimonial:

‘’We bought our first house using Homeland Enterprises! I was so nervous about buying a home for the first time! I have recommended Homeland Enterprises to many people and continue to do so!’’

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