Precinct 1 Smart Options In Bahria Town Karachi (BTK)

For those who desire to have a luxurious living and superior lifestyle in Bahria Town Karachi (BKT), Precinct 1 is perfect for them. It is not only the most prominent Precinct of the entire scheme but also the first priority of buyers to have a home here. Homeland Enterprises, therefore, facilitates these buyers by offering various 2-year easy installment plans which are easy and within budget for everyone.

Unmatchable Location in Bahria Town Karachi

Whether you own a ready-to-live villa or an open plot, the location of Precinct 1 enhances the significance and value of your property by design. Located just alongside the Main Gate of Bahria Town, it is one of the hubs of the top-most rated properties of Karachi city. There are more than a thousand plots here measuring 250 yards, while some’ actual measurement is 272 yards.
The surroundings of Precinct 1 are full of lush greenery with many green belts and horticultural arrangements on the roadsides. The vicinity also has four parks, a Club House, Sport, and Athletic Park and the famous mosque Masjid e Aashiq which is centrally air-conditioned and itself is an elegant site-seeing venue.

Grand Amenities

Another beauty of Precinct 1 is its superior amenities. It is adjacent to Jinnah Avenue therefore services are in abundance and at ease here.
1. Bahria Maintenance Office and Slaughter House located in Precinct 1 area. That makes the living of residents here convenient and enviable.
2. Schooling facilities like Bahria Foundation School and Roots Millennium School are available here.
3. Amusement center the Carnival Karachi is the highlight of the area.
4. Various multinational chains of restaurants like Pizza Hut, Burger King, Ginsoy Restaurant are attractions for foodies.

Preference for Overseas Pakistanis

The preference of Bahria Town to overseas Pakistanis is no secret. It always does special planning for them in their schemes with superior location and allotted special plots, luxury villas in specified localities. Precinct 1 in BTK has been specifically planned for them that’s why the other name of it is the Overseas Block.
A lot of Pakistanis living in foreign countries have already purchased their properties here. They booked plots, have paid installments, and are now doing construction on them.

The Edge of Homeland Enterprises

Homeland Enterprises offers you a lot of good options to own a property in Precinct 1. If you want to get a villa on booking or want to merge your off-ground file in Precinct 1, the authorized realtor of Bahria Town gives you easy 2-year installment plans. That would cost you Rs. 35 million to 40 million in total to have your dream home.
While a plot would cost you ranging from Rs. 10 million to 16 million in cash. And for a ready-to-live villa, the price will be between Rs. 30 million and 40 million.

For booking and further details, Homeland Enterprises is just a click away.

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