Precinct 10-B – The Dream Location

It is considered to be the prime precinct with state-of-the-art amenities. Designed beautifully, the investment in this area can be very promising especially for middle-class families who earn a nominal living and invest for good returns. It provides a lifestyle destination and has a beautiful and floral ambiance. Basic provisions like road network, security, excellent sewerage system, and 24/7 electricity supply are ensured. At various endpoints, water filtration points are fit to guarantee safe and clean water for domestic purposes. These amenities are hallmarks of Precinct 10-B. Investors firmly believe that the investment opportunities are great with nearby locations; Golf City, Danzoo, Grand Mosque, Ali Block, and Rafi Cricket Stadium. Within the vicinity, there is a park, masjid, maintenance office, Bahria Police Station, etc.

Precinct 33 – The 1st Choice

Catered for the upper class, Precinct 33 offers a modern and sophisticated lifestyle that attracts luxurious sustenance. A comfortable standard of living is the aim of every family. Located outside and inside the boundary wall, the world-class infrastructure is justified to facilitate the residents. It is great to announce that possessions are given to the allottees in a good frame of time. Upon a beautiful view from a balcony or a window, Eiffel Tower and Rafi Cricket stadium are the nearest landmarks. This is one way to make this precinct the 1st choice. A safe drive is 15 minutes away from the main gate. Built at elevation, it provides scenic beauty and a delightful view. Commercial Shopping construction will soon be open for shopping lovers.

Precinct 12 – Ali Block

With liveliness and prominence, Ali Block is a famous and significant part of luxurious Bahria Town Karachi. Attracting more buyers, this block is the most developed venture. Within reach, recreational spots are the add-ons to create a bloom and exquisite empire state. The ultramodern infrastructure suffices the residents towards wholesome living. Schools, hospitals, and landmarks are nearby to give Ali Block commendable priority. Residents of Ali Block feel privileged for the prestige they experience. The commercial plots are also available on the main routes. Shops shall be located on different floors. Bahria Town has approved the construction of houses which is a prominent attribute. It is a rich junction of investment for stronger returns. The appealing features will let you relocate for a happy and safe life.

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