Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town Karachi is a city within a city. It is a beautiful place. Many people live there because of the services. It is a safe and clean place. The facilities are available all the time. People are living with joy. There are also many places to enjoy and have fun. We can see that Bahria Town Karachi shall grow more and more in the future. Undoubtedly, many people from Karachi are moving to Bahria Town Karachi for a better life.

What is a precinct?

A precinct is a block in a big area having a square boundary. These are the small areas within the walls. However, these precincts are spread over a large area. There is a total of 63 precincts. Surely, all the precincts of Bahria Town Karachi are perfect to live in.

Hot precincts in Bahria Town Karachi:

Ali Block:

Ali Block is at the Main Jinnah Avenue. It is the first block of Bahria Town Karachi which offers 125 yards villa. It is a lively area, so people are buying villas here more and more. In addition, all the services are available. It is bests to build an ideal home.

Golf City:

Golf city is a green and beautiful precinct of Bahria Town Karachi. It has a standard Golf course with 36 Holes made for the first time in history. Many people like to live here because of the natural beauty and greenery. Thus, beautiful villas add to the features of Golf City.

Precinct 34:

Precinct 34 is a beautiful place to live. A 250 yards villa in this precinct is an ideal spot to spend a wonderful life. It is at Main Jinnah Avenue and very close to Rafi Stadium and Sports City Villas. Certainly, a place to invest and live the best!

Precinct 7:

Precinct 7 is a fine precinct with superb facilities. A dream home is always hard to come by. It has demand and value for the people aiming to live there. Indeed, this is a classy area with great planning. Both villas and plots are available. Surely, there are many benefits of living here.

 Precinct 27:

Precinct 27 is a super place to live. Many families live in villas of 200 sq. yards. There are 3500 plus plots. The work of building villas is faster now. Certainly, the 125 yards plots are at a low price. Such options with easy services are not available.

Precinct 9:

Precinct 9 is 2 km from the main gate of Bahria Town Karachi. It is ready to live area. Here the development work is done. Also, it has many services to live with ease. It is one of the best areas of Bahria Town Karachi. Hence, the plots are in high demand.

 Precinct 2:

In Precinct 2, people came to live very quickly and without waiting. The great services make life very easy. So, this is the reason many families are living here. Beautiful Quaid and Iqbal Villas are here. This precinct is at a close distance to the main gate. 

Common features of all the precincts:

All the precincts of Bahria Town Karachi have first-rate facilities. These services include 24/7 electricity, water, sewerage, safety, and cleanliness. In addition, parks and mosques are also at all the precincts.

Current legal precincts:

Precincts 40, 41, 61, 62, and 63 were disputed before but not they are legal. The building can be done here now with the proper file. In conclusion, people can safely spend money in these areas to live an ideal life.

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