Recent developments in Bahria Town Karachi

recent development in bahria town karachi

New deal:

Super hype was created before the launch! The new deal is in the market – Great news! Now, more people will have a chance to live in Bahria Town Karachi. The property dealers felt happy to announce plot booking nearby Precincts 4 and 7. These plots are 500 and 1000 yards. Indeed, an excellent opportunity to invest in profitable Bahria Town Karachi. Also, property rates will increase in future!

There are limited commercial and residential plots available for purchase in Precincts 4 and 7. Bahria Town Karachi offers on a first-come, first-served basis! The customers must take advantage of an attractive payment plan to secure the plots. Currently, the On-site construction is in full swing.

Out-of-boundary plots merging in Bahria Greens:

Bahria Town Karachi is now giving low-income households a chance to live there. Bahria Greens, is Pakistan’s largest low-cost housing initiative, with the goal of providing a home for every Pakistani. Surely, residents here will have access to the same amenities as residents of Bahria Town Karachi. This low-cost solution is being offered to help households in Karachi to have a better life. Also, the construction of Ground + 2 defines a beautiful home at Bahria Greens! So, the out-of-boundary plots of 125 yards can be merged into 75 yards plots in Bahria Greens at an easy instalment plan.

Chirpy Park:

There are more than 600 local and foreign birds of 47 different types at Chirpy Park. Since the entertainment center’s opening on August 5, 2022, many families from Karachi and the surrounding areas have come to use it. Truly, the 1.1-acre park is enjoyable for visitors of all ages. Also, visitors can enjoy the best of nature with its peaceful atmosphere. For anyone interested in viewing a wide variety of birds in their natural habitat, Chirpy Park is a must-visit location.

Rafi Cricket Stadium:

In 2021, the construction of Rafi Cricket Stadium slowed down due to Covid-19. However, the building sped up at the end of 2021. The main pillars are ready. Absolutely, we can see that the construction is going on. Bahria Town Karachi welcomes International cricketers to play their matches at Rafi Cricket Stadium. There will be more cricket matches both for local and international cricketers. Now, the construction is near completion. Actually, it will be a moment of joy for all! Both local and international cricketers will have a great experience playing at Rafi Cricket Stadium. The management of Bahria Town Karachi will update therefore in times to come.

Grand Jamia Masjid:

Shade umbrellas have been installed in Karachi’s Grand Jamia Masjid. This is motivated by the architectural genius of the Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina. Presently, the first shipment of umbrellas has arrived! On 80 acres of land, the Grand Jamia Masjid Karachi, Pakistan’s most significant and the world’s third-largest Masjid, is nearing completion. It will open soon. The great mosque can occupy a huge number of worshippers. Also, it has a library having wonderful knowledgeable books.

SBCA Approval:

Good news for everyone. Clients and investors who love Bahria should rejoice! SBCA has approved a NOC for 16896 acres of land in Bahria Town, Karachi. There are also residential and commercial plots for sale. Take advantage of this opportunity before the price increases. People can invest in Bahria Town Karachi without any fear as the land is proudly legal now!

Central Park Apartments:

Definitely, there are numerous nearby attractions inspired by New York’s Central Park! At very reasonable prices, 2-bed luxury and 4-bed penthouses with views of the 32-acre Bahria Town Karachi are available! Lovely lakes, walking paths, a play zone for children, a hall, a rolling skate space, a canteen, and much more! Certainly, the construction process is in full swing! Indeed, it is great news for people who love to live by nature.

To sum up:

Undoubtedly, Bahria Town Karachi is a great place and most frequently announces the development statuses! Every now and then, the gated community announces good news for the public and people who are fond of Bahria Town Karachi! So, take advantage of the current updates and plan to book your favorite property! Homeland Enterprises is right there to assist and delivers what it promises!

Client’s Testimonial:

‘’I appreciate the precious time spent to answer my queries especially for a go-round of your projects at Bahria Town Karachi. I was sure something good would certainly turn out for me.’’

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