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recent development in bahria town karachi

Recent developments in Bahria Town Karachi

New deal: Super hype was created before the launch! The new deal is in the market - Great news! Now, more people will have a chance to live in Bahria Town Karachi. The property dealers felt happy to announce plot booking nearby Precincts 4 and 7. These plots are 500 and 1000 yards. Indeed, an excellent opportunity to invest in profitable Bahria Town Karachi. Also, property rates will increase in...

the situationof construction after severe monsoon season 2022

The situation of construction after severe Monsoon Season 2022

Shattering impacts: Monsoon creates many problems for the people living in Karachi. The properties disappeared like anything causing suffering. Indeed, the condition of Karachi goes unseen and taken for granted. People suffer the most because of tense situations. They become homeless and so many die cruelly. Certainly, the year 2022 was terrible because of the ruin caused by the flooding. Due to a lack...

Bahria Greens

Detail: Indeed, Bahria Town Karachi is a beautiful area in Karachi. It offers different housing schemes. Bahria Greens is one of them. It was launched in March 2021. It offers 75 yards plots in a beautiful area. Also, Bahria Greens is the first scheme that offers plots in installments. The construction rounds up to ground + 2. Certainly, it is a great place to live. Indeed, anyone who wishes to live in...


Bricks, pillars and emulsion – everything is high quality! Bahria Town Karachi is an amazing settlement that provides facilities beyond imagination. The commercial and accommodation options make Bahria Town Karachi a dream destination! Many buildings are constructed as per the by-laws of Bahria Town management. With flawless specifications, the process of construction becomes ideal. These explicit...

Developments in 2020 of Bahria Town Karachi and Homeland Enterprises

The year 2020 was mainly reigned by COVID-19 over political economies and social developments around the world. Therefore business, trade, and all commercial activities slumped badly as a whole. Pakistan too remained in confrontation with a similar fate albeit government’s efforts to revive the economy via intensifying the housing, construction, and real estate sector. Therefore the Construction Package...

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