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Tips for Buying a Property as a Foreigner

Property Investment is the most precious asset for the future for foreigners. Buying land or residential property will give you a lot of benefits and a higher return on investment rate. In this blog, we are discussing some wonderful tips and tricks for buying a property as a foreigner. When you are purchasing a property then, you must have to read and follow these tips carefully. Property Market...


How to boost your insta growth

You spend hours creating valuable content, but if you are not able to hook your audience, it’s worthless! You need to understand the Instagram algorithm, through which it sorts posts and displays them to a relative audience. You must despise and believe that after Instagram 2022 algorithm, Instagram has become more competitive. But the case is exactly the opposite: the Instagram 2022 algorithm has made...

4 Effective ways to market

The entire life struggle for people in Pakistan continues to fulfill the desire to own a house. Real estate tycoons have taken advantage of this never-ending desire, and this business has flourished in Pakistan ever since. But the real estate market in Pakistan is very saturated, People have plenty of real estate brokers and agents to choose from and you have to become their first choice. An effective...

recent development in bahria town karachi

Recent developments in Bahria Town Karachi

New deal: Super hype was created before the launch! The new deal is in the market - Great news! Now, more people will have a chance to live in Bahria Town Karachi. The property dealers felt happy to announce plot booking nearby Precincts 4 and 7. These plots are 500 and 1000 yards. Indeed, an excellent opportunity to invest in profitable Bahria Town Karachi. Also, property rates will increase in...

Housing Types

In the past, there were only two options i.e. house and apartment because of limited development. However, people look for multiple options for housing in recent times. These options are according to the demographics of the customers. Construction companies offer penthouses, deluxe, townhouses, houses, sites and apartments. Overall, the prime purpose of all is to provide shelter. But, each housing option...

Piling work ceremony of HL Corner and HL Customer Gala

Event Overview: Homeland Enterprises felt honored to celebrate the piling work ceremony of the HL Corner and HL Customer Gala on 26th March 2022 at Bahria Town Karachi. Indeed, it was a wonderful event that was full of joy. An event that won the hearts of so many! Certainly, the day and night efforts of Team Homeland spoke volumes in this successful event! It was celebrated at HL Corner’s Site at...

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