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The Revolution in Real Estate Marketing

Social Media: Indeed, social media is the heart of the business. People see the updates online and then decide to buy. Property buyers looking for details through social media. Certainly, the buyer wants the best offer. Property owners can find more audiences on social media. A house or a shop can be sold online easily. It is the most common way in real estate marketing now. Presently, the real estate...

HL Jinnah Residencia to Experience the Living Excellence

In terms of impacts and excellence, there can be nothing as bigger as the HL Jinnah Residencia in Bahria Town Karachi. The 18-storied skyscraper is set to excel for unmatchable value and an unbeatable location. A perfect residential cum commercial project for living excellence, beautiful and luxurious as well as stylish and secured.  Edge of Homeland Enterprise A project of Homeland...

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We're glad to see you here. We would like to inform you that our office has moved from the ground floor to the fifteenth floor in the same building.