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Top Properties nearby Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town Karachi

The year 2021 kicks off with the inauguration of another spectacular attraction in Bahria Town Karachi – the Eiffel Tower. Situated in Bahria Sports City, it covers an area of nearly 25 acres, having a lush green park and also ample car parking space. It is actually a replica of one of the world’s seven wonders. However, with the presence of this monument, demands and values of properties in the...

Fun Areas in Bahria Town

Luxury living is incomplete without ample choices of leisure activities in lifestyle. Bahria Town Karachi is all about the quality of life in terms of living, health, and entertainment. It is not just a housing scheme but an ultimate lifestyle destination. Fun Areas in BTK With plenty of exciting and amusement places, it is truly a homeland of entertainment. Moreover, these entertainments are not...

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