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Benefits of Owning a Vacation Rental Property

Pros Owning Vacation Rental Property

Everyone wants to enhance their income and assets. For this purpose, the decision of buying a rental home for vacation is advantageous. This is the best way for investing your money. The current property market may make this the ideal moment to think about buying a vacation property. There are several advantages of making investments in a vacation rental property. In this blog, we are discussing the...


Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2

Bahria Town Karachi 2 Launching? Following the tremendous success of Bahria Town Karachi, Mr. Shahid Mehmood Qureshi, the country head of Bahria Town, has announced the grand opening of Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2. Bahria Town is renowned for its opulent housing amenities and has established itself as a top location for both residential and commercial real estate. A bigger bang is coming for Bahria Town...

Real Estate Industry in Pakistan | Best Investment Option in pakistan | Bahria Town Karachi

Real Estate at its best – Bahria Town Karachi

Where to invest in Bahria Town Karachi? Bahria Town Karachi is a place that suits the needs of people who wish to have a luxurious life. Indeed, people who live there enjoy their life to the fullest. For business purposes, shops, showrooms and offices are there. Currently, the management of Bahria Town Karachi and private property dealers offer great residential and commercial options. If you want to...

bahria town karachi open six lane langeji river bridge for public

Langeji River Bridge

Langeji River Bridge is a beautiful landmark in Bahria Town Karachi. It connects Jinnah Avenue with Bahria Paradise and the Central Park Apartments on its way. It is a 6 lane wide dual carriage bridge. Langeji is a 330ft long and 100ft wide bridge which can hold heavy vehicles. Built over the Langeji Nallah, the bridge can face flooding during the rainy season. Luckily, the construction is...

Crypto Investment VS Real Estate Investment:

The need for investment: Certainly, investment is a gift to yourself. The investment brings economic safety in life. Indeed, an investor knows which option is the best for him. Each investment has good and bad sides. Also, every option can bring risks also. We need to find which option is fine for our mindset of investment. After all, it is a matter of money and life. Therefore, make a wise choice! We...

Is Bahria Town Karachi safe?

Count on to Bahria Town Karachi for safety: Bahria Town Karachi is growing with more people coming to live. It is a safe place where life is great. Living in a safe place is the dream of everyone. There is 24/7 safety which means there is no chance of stealing. People who walk on the road are also safe when they walk on long roads. Also, the in-charge of Bahria Town Karachi is always there for safety....

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