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Piling work ceremony of HL Corner and HL Customer Gala

Event Overview: Homeland Enterprises felt honored to celebrate the piling work ceremony of the HL Corner and HL Customer Gala on 26th March 2022 at Bahria Town Karachi. Indeed, it was a wonderful event that was full of joy. An event that won the hearts of so many! Certainly, the day and night efforts of Team Homeland spoke volumes in this successful event! It was celebrated at HL Corner’s Site at...

The Revolution in Real Estate Marketing

Social Media: Indeed, social media is the heart of the business. People see the updates online and then decide to buy. Property buyers looking for details through social media. Certainly, the buyer wants the best offer. Property owners can find more audiences on social media. A house or a shop can be sold online easily. It is the most common way in real estate marketing now. Presently, the real estate...

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