Top 5 Demanding Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is the most significant real estate development in Pakistan. A sure-shot bet for homeowners, real estate agents, and especially investors, but it wouldn’t be sensible to throw your money and efforts without homework. It must be aware of the necessary details of Bahria Town’s precinct-wise developments and trends of real estate prices before buying or investing anything in Bahria Town Karachi.

Homeland Enterprises is an authorized Bahria Town Karachi dealer and has deep know-how of ongoing trends in the mega housing scheme. In this write-up, the firm provides information about the most demanding Precincts of BTK. The firm always offers these details and insights for its clientele regularly. In the words of Sultan Ali Arif, the CEO of Homeland Enterprises, “We have a profound database of real estate properties where a consumer can buy, sell or rent properties with ease and speed.”

Let’s have a quick overview of top five most demanding Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi.

Precinct 2

Adjacent to 400 feet wide Main Jinnah Avenue, Precinct 2 is a prime region of Bahria Town Karachi, one of the closest to the Bahria main gate. It is fully developed with 150 and 200-yard superior luxury villas named Iqbal Villas respectively. These Villas are much more premium and are in high demand with very good  ROI. Provision of basic facilities including electricity, gas, water supply, and sewerage are available here, besides parks, schools, mosques, medical centers, and fully operated commercial markets within the vicinity.

Precinct 10 A

Precinct 10 A is indeed an amazing Precinct of BTK. Located very close to Ali Block and just one and a half kilometer away from Grand Jamia Mosque, its approach attracts buyers and investors alike. The peculiarity of Bahria Town Karachi, to providing the ultimate living standards and luxury lifestyle, is flawlessly showcased in Precinct 10 A. This Precinct is fully comprised of 200 yards of splendid high-end villas, designed with modern architecture and give ample and incomparable array of luxuries. 

The Precinct is completely developed, while outstanding attractions in the surroundings give these villas a distinctive significance for residency and investment purposes.   

Precinct 35 (Sports City)

Bahria Sports City Karachi is a venue where action and leisure live in harmony. Ideally located with direct access from the 400 ft wide main Jinnah Avenue it is the first a kind unique project in Pakistan. It offers sports enthusiasts a healthier and active lifestyle in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi.

In Precinct 35, Bahria Sports City features 350-yard luxury villas having a 3400 sq ft covered area. These 4-bed elegantly designed Villas are inspired by Jumeirah Village Dubai and are an expression of modern designs and luxury living. Some important sporting attractions in the Sports City are Pakistan’s biggest Cricket Stadium, Grand gymnasium with Tennis, Squash and Badminton courts, Football ground, Cycling & Jogging Tracks, and a 5-Star Luxury Hotel.

Precinct 12 (Ali Block)

One of the most prominent and model areas of the Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) is the Ali Block. It is actually Precinct 12 of the BTK but commonly known as Ali Block. A bit more developed and lively area, therefore, reserves great importance among buyers. Ali Block consists of 125 yards residential plots, where all facilities are available and is considered one of the bests for investment and to build an ideal home.

Ali Block is located 10 km away from the main gate. One of its amazing features is that it is located at some height, due to which there are no problems regarding drainage or otherwise. Owing to the location and its surroundings, Ali Block is a worth investing realm, because it has a direct facing to the Grand Jamia Mosque. Plots are ready for construction here, while you can also get some fully constructed ready-to-live options here.

Precinct 6

Bahria Town Karachi is a huge and highly demanding housing scheme, where diverse categories of residential plots are available in a long series of Precincts. But here in Precinct 6, you will find the most attractive residential plots of 250 yards. These plots are available with possession and suitable for residential and investment purposes.

The central location of Precinct 6 provides it an edge and distinctive value for buyers. It is just 4 km away from the entrance gate via Main Super Highway and opposite to Midway Commercial area. All the basic facilities like electricity, water supply, roads, and street lights have already been provided in the locality. Besides, its proximity with venues like Grand Jamia Mosque, Bahria Hills, and Cineplex makes it is an attractive and top demanding Precinct in Bahria Town Karachi.

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