Top Properties nearby Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town Karachi

The year 2021 kicks off with the inauguration of another spectacular attraction in Bahria Town Karachi – the Eiffel Tower. Situated in Bahria Sports City, it covers an area of nearly 25 acres, having a lush green park and also ample car parking space. It is actually a replica of one of the world’s seven wonders. However, with the presence of this monument, demands and values of properties in the surrounding Precincts will now certainly be jumped up.

Eiffel Tower; A Sight to behold

This is the second replica of the Eiffel Tower developed by Bahria Town as the first one was constructed in Lahore way back in 2014. It stands tall at a glorious height of 80 meters with 3 floors; L’Eiffel (Coffee shop), Fine Dine (Restaurant), and Top (Viewing Deck). There is an elevator to take you to the top and the structure shows striking illumination effects at the night. Either in Karachi or Lahore, the monuments are a sight to behold.

As it has been said earlier that with this monument, demands and values of properties in the surrounding Precincts will go up in BTK. So let’s have a look at those Precincts where properties’ rates will be going to increase.

Precinct 34; For Luxury Living

Precinct 34 is the only Precinct in Bahria Sports City where the 250-yard size plots are available. Therefore properties here were already in high demand with many families were living and enjoying the luxuries of life. Besides the location of Precinct 34 is a plus point as it is adjacent to the under-construction Rafi Cricket Stadium and connected to the Main Jinnah Avenue.

Precinct 35; Best Ready-to-Live Option

Precinct 35 is one of the top-rated Precincts of Bahria Town Karachi. It is all comprised of 350-yard ready-to-live villas, which are glorious in outlook and luxurious in nature. These 4-bed luxury villas are designed with modern architecture and an elegant interior. Like Precinct 35 it is also adjacent to the Rafi Cricket Stadium with families are already residing and enjoying life there.

Precinct 36; An Intelligent Choice

Precinct 36 is an amazing Precinct, beautiful, and intelligently designed. It is one of the smallest Precincts of not only Bahria Sports City but also of the entire Bahria Town Karachi. Precinct 36 has 500-yard plots and location-wise easily accessible. It faces Main Jinnah Avenue directly and comes as the very first Precinct when you enter the Bahria Sports City.

Precinct 37; Home of Eiffel Tower

It is here the monument of the Eiffel Tower has been constructed. Precinct 37 is on the other side of Main Jinnah Avenue facing both Precinct 34 and 35. It is also above ground level so has a prime location and a hilly view. The Precinct has 500 and 1000 yard plots, where prices are sure to get increased with the opening of the Eiffel Tower monument. At present, it is perhaps the best option for investment and perfect for residency.

For complete details and buying these properties, Homeland Enterprises has always been the top choice. The authorized realtor and developer of Bahria Town Karachi has numerous property units in the above Precincts and Bahria Sports City. So contact us confidently without wasting time.

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