Why Bahria Town Karachi stands out during Blackout

On the night of the 10th of January 2021, there was a massive power breakdown occurred at the national level in Pakistan. Even the developed cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and specially Karachi faced a complete blackout in the chilly conditions of winter. However, the night, when Karachi “the city of light” was in a state of blackness, the newly-developed Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) at the outskirts was sparkling with full energy, and over 25000 residents there were sleeping comfortably.  How that’s possible?

Bahria Town Karachi is a fully master-planned community, spanning around 45000 acres to house more than one million people. It is a mega, yet perfect housing society with state-of-the-art infrastructure, thoughtful planning, and modern developments, which are missing in downtown Karachi. However, one of the most critical things that dignify Bahria Town from the rest of Karachi is their electric generation and transmission system.

Bahria Town is committed to providing uninterrupted power supply of which key features are;

Agreement with K-Electric

Bahria Town had initially planned for self-generation of power for this mega project, but after discussions with K-Electric, it signed an agreement in 2015 to provide power to the project through the utility company. With that Bahria Town Karachi became the biggest single new connection application ever worked out by K- Electric in order to install big HT substations, LT network distribution expansion, and a number of Grids here.

Independent Grid Station

Due to the excessive and unchecked demand for power, the grids in Karachi city fail to meet the electricity requirement in the metropolitan, resulting in routine load-shading or electric breakouts. On the other hand, BK has its own power tariff and a proper system of electricity with grid stations and an independent distribution network. This facility provides Bahria Town’s residents uninterrupted electricity with backup arrangements, regardless of time or season.

Underground Cabling

Another electricity-related feature is, all the developments of BTK have been executed having underground wiring systems everywhere. This system not only ensures regular power supply without any cable fault but also the safety of every single resident as well as proven to be highly beneficial in terms of maintaining the overall environment and cleanliness of the vicinity.

Indeed, Bahria Town has lived up to the promise to “turn the vision of modern Pakistan into a reality”, with secure and independent supplies of water, gas, and electricity, as well as privately maintained roads and security systems.   

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