Will Rafi Cricket Stadium host PSL 8?


Indeed, Bahria Town Karachi is known for its excellent life and facilities. It is a beautiful place full of greenery and a clean environment. Many houses for sale provide a luxury lifestyle. All the precincts have parks and areas to play sports. Bahria Town Karachi provides the living standard and cares for the comfort of the people living there. Moreover, there are many spots for entertainment. Rafi Cricket Stadium is one of them. The construction is ongoing. The people of Karachi Pakistan wish to enjoy cricket matches here! Currently, 35,000 people can sit easily. Before, it had a space of 50,000 people. However, there is a need to construct the stadium quickly.

Further specifications of Rafi Cricket System:

It is the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan. The main idea to build Rafi Cricket Stadium came from the inspiration of Dubai Stadium. The shouts on sixes and fours will be heard in spirits. It is about keeping the sportsmen’s spirit eagerly. Also, the people of Bahria Sports City can enjoy it as it is near the Rafi Cricket Stadium. Now, there are two home grounds in Karachi. Eiffel Tower stands tall opposite making it a great location. Bahria Golf City and Bahria Greens are also popular spots for sports. Certainly, the standard of Rafi Cricket Stadium is as per the standards of ICC.

Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium:

Bahria Town Karachi is a great place to play cricket, both local and international. There will be all types of cricket matches at Rafi Cricket Stadium. Bahria builders make sure that Rafi Cricket Stadium will the best stadium in Pakistan. After construction, it will be a superb experience to enjoy cricket here. Moreover, there will be an international cricket academy, gym and swimming pool. Surely, Pakistan is a peaceful place to plan events. International cricketers can also play cricket here. Next, PSL will be held at Rafi Cricket Stadium Bahria Town Karachi. Isn’t? Let’s wait and watch!

Construction Update:

In 2021, the construction of Rafi Cricket Stadium slowed down due to the Covid-19. However, the construction sped up at the end of 2021. The main pillars are ready. Absolutely, we can see that the construction is going on. Bahria Town Karachi welcomes International cricketers to play their matches at Rafi Cricket Stadium. There will be more cricket matches both for local and international cricketers.

In addition, there will also be ground for football and other sports. It is about adventure, entertainment and sportsmen life. It will be a proud thing for Bahria Town Karachi when the construction will be completed. Indeed, it will be a moment of joy for all! Both local and international cricketers will have a great experience playing at Rafi Cricket Stadium. The management of Bahria Town Karachi will update therefore in times to come.

Next Destination to host PSL 8 in 2023:

Is it true that the next PSL 8 2023 will be held at Rafi Cricket Stadium? That is a question right now! We can expect PSL 9 in 2024! Indeed, this will be an honor for Bahria Town Karachi to host a huge crowd both locally and people from abroad. It is the first stadium set as per the ICC ideal. Moreover, the space is the main thing that makes it unlike the other stadiums in Pakistan.

What shall come in future?

There is a great chance that international matches will be held. It will increase the value of Bahria Town Karachi and also Pakistan. The construction is almost moving towards completion with hopes for future cricket matches. There will be more value for the areas near it. Also, the prices of the nearby properties will increase. Thus, if you want to get this chance, please book your property now!

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